10 Simple Steps to Perfect Acrylics at Home

If you're like me and you miss always having your nails done during lockdown, this post is for you. I will teach you how to get your perfect, nails at home, in 10 simple steps. The list of what you need may feel like a lot but most of the items will be multiple use!… Continue reading 10 Simple Steps to Perfect Acrylics at Home


Productive Things to do in lockdown

I always feel that I should be doing something with my free time, which is probably why I have started this hobby of blogging (which i'm loving, this community is so supportive!). Now that I have found all this time I have began to find some things to do that I hope will help me… Continue reading Productive Things to do in lockdown

The Freshers Experience

I have recently finished my first year of university and I really enjoyed every minute of it even though it was not the ending I thought I was going to have. I wanted to share some of my highlights of freshers with you and some tips for upcoming students so that you also have the… Continue reading The Freshers Experience