Productive Things to do in lockdown

I always feel that I should be doing something with my free time, which is probably why I have started this hobby of blogging (which i’m loving, this community is so supportive!). Now that I have found all this time I have began to find some things to do that I hope will help me when we eventually come out of lockdown. I wanted to share this with you incase your like me and would like to find some productive things to do.

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Firstly Future learn– This is an online platform which allows you to learn new things which can either be free or paid for. There are so many different courses, you are certain to find one that you like! Doing this could help make your CV or job applications stronger, it could also help with personal statements for university or it may just be because you would find the topic interesting. I recently completed a course about sustainable real estate which I found very interesting and hope it helps when I am applying for internships next summer.

Secondly Build Linkedin – With todays society becoming more digital, and jobs becoming more competitive, building a Linkedin profile is more important than ever. You could use this time to set up your account, add the skills and experience you already have and see what skills and experience you want to do in the future to make your profile even stronger. Future learn courses can even be added to your profile.

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Another activity could be to learn a language – Again with the job market becoming more crowded, learning a language makes you stand out from the crowd. As well as this multinational companies love this as it means you can use your skills in multiple countries. You can learn languages online for free with the use of podcasts, youtube videos, films, and online resources. If you feel you need someone to structure how you will learn for you, there are also plenty of high quality paid for courses. I am currently learning french, I find the grammar the most difficult but with lots of practice I hope I get there in the end.

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As well as this learning to code – This is another good skill to know in todays society. This skill can make you more employable. Or you can use this new skill as a way to make money online, there are loads of different people willing to pay for people to code for them. Again there are free online resources as well as paid ones to learn this skill.

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Finally becoming excel proficient. I feel that this is a good skill to learn because one, it means if you join a workplace in a business environment this is a key skill you will need to know, so why not learn it while you have time? Secondly, excel is a powerful tool for you to use in your daily life, you can make personal budgets with it etc. If you do not want to pay for excel google sheets works just as well.

I hope you enjoyed this post and found it helpful if you were struggling with ideas on how to be productive. But also remember we are in a pandemic so if some days you feel like doing nothing that is ABSOLUTELY fine!

Stay Safe



22 thoughts on “Productive Things to do in lockdown”

  1. I work from home anyway so I haven’t had much free time at all since lockdown started. But learning to code has been something I’ve wanted to do for a really long time now. It’s such a useful skill in this day and age. I’d really like to pick up a new language when I have more time too x


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  2. These are good ideas! There are many interesting platforms where you can learn new skills and I think it’s great to have such an opportunity that everything is just there waiting for you to pick it up

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  3. I am back to work now. I kinda wish I was more productive during lockdown too. I mean I did get a lot accomplished but I still feel like I did not get everything done that I wanted. Great post, thanks for sharing!

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  4. It is great that you’re taking the opportunity to learn during the lockdown. You can never go wrong with building yourself and your network! OmMGMGg Excel is my thing! I have made VBA macros and crazy nested formulas. Excel is such a powerful tool!

    Nancy ♥

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